Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Season: Summer 2012

Song: Real World
Type: Opening Theme
By: nano.Ripe

Song: Yume no Naka no Watashi no Yume
Type: Ending Theme
By: Itou Masumi


* Based on Tanaka Romeo’s light novel series with illustrations by Yamasaki Tooru / Tobe Sunaho.

The story is set several centuries into the slow decline of mankind. Earth has now become the realm of “fairies” — 10-centimeter-tall creatures with remarkable intelligence and an appetite for sweets. The human protagonist of the story serves an important duty as the international arbitrator between the fairies and humans, and she returns to her former hometown of Kusunoki. She chose this job because she thought it was an easy job she can do, even when she is as old as her grandfather. However, she learns that her job is anything but simple when she meets the fairies.

Source: AniDB


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